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Automatrics awarded ACPO Secured by Design membership

Automatrics have received the coveted Secured by Design (SBD) Award for Automatrics MTrack products. The Automatrics MTrack Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) unique tracking system is the preferred choice for many owners as it is especially suited to high theft-risk protection. This unique CAT 7 Thatcham Quality Assured tracking system has self-powered or vehicle-powered options. The advanced GPS, GSM and RF three layer location technology enables any vehicle or non-powered asset, such as caravans and trailers, to be tracked and recovered, even in the most challenging of environments, such as underground car parks, in the back of a van or inside a shipping container. Returning 98% of stolen assets back to owners with the support of the police demonstrates why Automatrics could reasonably claim to provide:

“The Ultimate Theft Recovery Service”

Automatrics are also finalising a new service level agreement with AVCIS (ACPO Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service). As a national police unit they are well positioned to support Automatrics recovery operations and they have been supplied with Automatrics MTrack specialist radio receiver equipment. When GPS signals are jammed or hidden from satellite view, signal finders will use hand-held radio direction receivers to pick up and then home in on the Automatrics MTrack’s secret and silent RF radio-finding frequency.