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CA Group maintain UK's only Built-up Roof & Wall Cladding System that achieves Police Preferred Specification

CA Group, the national construction products manufacturer and building envelope specialist, has maintained its Secured by Design (SBD) status for its integrated roof and wall cladding system − extending its security offering to property owners and developers and maintaining 'the UK's only SBD certified Built-Up Roof and Wall Cladding System' for specific versions of its Twin-Therm® systems.

The company with a reputation for technical excellence and product innovation continues to pioneer in its field, leading the way in security-tested building envelope systems with both its SecureRoof™ and SecureWall™ products, successfully achieving the robust criteria set out by SBD.

SBD, now in its 30th year, is well-established as both a national police initiative to deter and prevent commercial related crime, and as a quality benchmark for building products that have achieved police preferred specification. Traditionally associated with building entry point products (e.g. locks and doors), the scheme has over recent years evolved to adopt a more holistic approach to crime prevention, now encompassing a broader range of building components and systems that each contribute to improving security.

Following rigorous testing to achieve security rating 2, LPS 1175 and SBD certification, CA Group's advanced roofing and facade systems have been proven to provide integrated security, offering property developers enhanced value, built-in security and an additional level of assurance that comes with the SBD status.

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Mark Wiper, Technical Engineering Manager, commented; "By choosing specific variants of our Twin-Therm® Built-Up Roof and Wall cladding system, we can provide an additional level of security that is not guaranteed with other similar products.

“Our building envelope system has been thoroughly tested by an independent body and has shown to withstand typical forced entry methods, proving to delay such attempts − which can potentially prevent commercial burglary and save businesses a significant loss. Furthermore, a security measure many building projects adopt is to install a second internal wall to help prevent entry to internal premises. By installing SBD-approved Twin-Therm® this may not be necessary, and so rather than adding additional construction costs to a project, building owners and developers can reduce costs and gain more floor space too."

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According to the Home Office 2018 Crime Against Businesses Report, commercial theft is a significant threat to businesses, particularly within the wholesale, retail and logistics sectors, with burglary ranking as the second most prevalent type of crime.

SBD Development Officer Alfie Hosker, commented, "We work closely with those involved in the built environment, including architects, developers and local authority planners on refurbishments and new development schemes to design out crime. By applying the principles of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), we can make a significant difference to a project, aiding with security advice and helping to ensure buildings are sufficiently robust to resist physical attack.

“Specifying products with SBD certification can help ensure the future integrity of a commercial building against crime and make a marked difference to companies wanting to protect their assets, particularly those that house high-value goods within their premises. It can also potentially reduce insurance premiums over the lifetime of the build.

“Given the risks and the costs of crime to business, particularly theft, informed decisions made at the point of planning, design and specification could make the difference in whether building owners and occupiers can effectively deter crime and minimise any associated losses — or fall victim."

The LPS 1175 and SBD accreditation adds to the extensive approval library for CA Group's Twin-Therm® system, which includes Agrément Certification and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) accreditation. The system also carries an unparalleled 40-year complete-system guarantee, further underlining the company's high quality, high-performing product capability. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited, with over 35 years’ experience, CA Group boasts a portfolio of industry-leading products, many of which are manufactured onsite, and include SolarWall® Transpired Solar Collector (TSC), River-Therm® secret fix roof system, Caskade® premier membrane gutters, and the Prime range of rainscreen solutions.