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DoorJammer Secures Police Accreditation

DoorJammer, the new portable door security device, has been accredited by Secured by Design (SBD), the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting ‘designing out crime’. SBD is owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).


DoorJammer is designed to fit most doors found in hotel, hostel and guest rooms as well as in the home. Offering additional privacy and security, DoorJammer just slots under a door, jamming it shut and secure. Its mechanism means that the more the intruder attempts to push and force entry, the more DoorJammer stubbornly stays in place. DoorJammer is easy to fit and can be quickly released by the occupant in the event of an emergency.

DoorJammer had to pass Secured by Design’s enhanced performance tests, which are independently monitored. These included DoorJammer withstanding impact tests with a 50 kg weight being applied to the door.

Alan McInnes, General Manager of Secured by Design said: “We accredit security devices that are shown to be effective in preventing crime; additionally in DoorJammer we see a well designed, easy to use, consumer-friendly product.”

“We are very proud that DoorJammer has received this accreditation and confirmation as an effective personal security solution”, commented Roger Willems, Chairman of DoorJammer. He added, “this also supports recent research in identifying a need for DoorJammer, which in particular has highlighted that 33% of women said they feel unsafe in their home at night.”

Tenants or students living in shared and rented accommodation are using DoorJammer for greater privacy (e.g. when bedroom and bathroom doors do not have any bolts or locks). For parents or child-minders that need to keep children in the same room as them, DoorJammer is also helpful. DoorJammer is the ‘early alert’ to the occupant should someone unexpectedly attempt to enter their room.

DoorJammer’s accreditation also sets a benchmark for people who are on the move and want added reassurance, for example, solo female business travellers or young families when on holiday in unfamiliar surroundings. Business professionals who wish to be undisturbed to take either an important conference call or hold a meeting in their hotel room, will also find DoorJammer a useful travel gadget.

Students on a Gap Year will often travel alone on unscheduled backpacking adventures. DoorJammer reassures these young travellers (and their parents back home), that they and their possessions will be safe and secure no matter where their journeys might take them. Not much bigger than a smart phone, DoorJammer is almost half the weight of an iPad. On sale at £24.99, but for peace of mind… priceless! Visit the DoorJammer website for more information.