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Duplus Architectural Systems: reflections on 60 years of rooflights, windows and doors – and the importance of security

A long-established company which designs, manufactures and installs security glazing products – and includes the Tate Modern and Savoy Hotel amongst its client list – has renewed its membership with Secured by Design (SBD), the official police security initiative.

Duplus Architectural Systems Ltd, based in Leicester, was one of the early adopters of security into its range of products, which include doors, windows, rooflights and curtain walling for residential and commercial marketplaces.

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With its extensive knowledge, expertise and focus on quality, Duplus Architectural Systems led the industry with its glass rooflights which today serve to complement the company’s range of high performance doors and windows.

The company, which was launched in 1957, has more than 30 door, window and rooflight products that meet the robust security standards required by SBD to deter opportunist burglars.

These standards include the door and window industry benchmark PAS 24 2016 and LPS 2081 Issue 1, which involves a sustained ‘stealth attack’ for up to one minute using hand tools without making significant noise.

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The company’s range of rooflights use the latest structural silicone glazing technology to bond the glazed units to the metal frame without external caps or beads. This means impact loads like snow and wind are transferred from the glass to the framework through the structural silicone sealant. Duplus is the only glass rooflight manufacturer in the UK to be certified Dow Corning Quality Bond approved – a world class structural silicone bonding standard.

In addition, its ‘Lightspan’ range of thermally broken aluminium curtain walling has been developed over the years and currently exceeds the thermal and structural performance regulations. Duplus Architectural Systems is now one of the only companies that has security in its range of curtain walling products. Its Lightspan 50 Curtain Glazed Walling RC2N has been successfully tested and approved to the BS EN 1627:2011 European standard.

Duplus Architectural Systems’ Managing Director, Peter Gregory commented: “We have always endeavoured to ensure our range of products include the option of security and meet Secured by Design standards.

“We’ve been at this for a long time and we are keen to always give customers the options so they can choose the right product for their needs. It is important to us that our customers purchase with confidence.”

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SBD Development Officer, Doug Skins, said: “Duplus Architectural Systems are a class act Midlands-based company producing a wide variety of innovative and quality products. We are delighted to have their support and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”

To see the company’s range of SBD accredited products visit:

Duplus Architectural Systems Ltd
Tel: 0116 261 0710