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Grosvenor Steels itself for Further Success

Grosvenor Technology, provider of security and attendance solutions, are delighted to announce a new partnership with one of the world's largest steel producers for the supply of its IT31 Workforce Management Terminals.

The inaugural project, itself worth several hundred thousand pounds, is due to be deployed in one European site in early 2017 and is expected to deliver substantial efficiencies and cost savings for the client. Grosvenor expects the relationship to continue for several years as has been the case with similar projects for other global clients.

"Workforce Management terminals have traditionally been used for Time & Attendance requirements with some end-users using them as little more than an electronic 'punch-clock', but we are increasingly seeing clients utilising these devices for everything from minimum wage compliance to project management", says Grosvenor's Managing Director Andy Rainforth."In this case the client had a specific software platform in mind and our flexible approach was a good strategic fit as we were able to work with their chosen third party to develop a hardware and software solution that is truly bespoke to their needs."

This new contract win coincides with another milestone as Grosvenor ships the 20,000th of its IT31 Workforce Management Terminals. "The success of the IT31 is due to the collaboration with our software partners and our agile methodology which ensures clients receive a genuinely tailored solution. Those 20,000 terminals have been deployed in clients small and large across the globe in a variety of scenarios and applications." Rainforth added.

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