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How Verint NowForce is helping tackle coronavirus pandemic

Secured by Design member company Verint Systems is assisting governments and health and emergency services teams as they tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

As organisations across the globe are forced to contend with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, nothing has become more important than ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of employees and the public. The unfolding situation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated global intelligence needs, demanding technology solutions that can be deployed immediately and provide the insight required to address the dynamic environment.

Verint NowForce, a powerful and secure cloud-based solution designed for incident management and response, has been successfully implemented in a multi-region area to support the containment of the coronavirus pandemic.

NowForce is assisting governments and health and emergency services teams with two-way communication tools, live maps, and increased intelligence that provide visibility and insight to better coordinate actions in real-time. Mission-critical personnel are therefore able to gain situational awareness, communicate directly with impacted individuals, and collect the information needed to appropriately handle the situation.

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“During this time of global uncertainty as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, keeping citizens safe is of the utmost importance and this task must be handled with both urgency and informed decision-making,” said Ian Graham, Vice President & Country Manager — UK, Verint Situational Intelligence Solutions. “Verint is continuously working to help address today’s extraordinary and unprecedented situation with an intelligent technology platform that supports mission-critical organisations as they face this evolving challenge.”

Guy Ferguson, CEO of Police Crime Prevention Initiatives said: “We are delighted to see the way our Secured by Design Member companies have risen to the challenge of COVID19. The Verint NowForce platform has the potential to be really helpful for agencies grappling with this unprecedented situation”.

The flexible and scalable NowForce platform includes several features, such as:

• Centralised and streamlined communication for the consistent sharing of data with various parties across several different applications and increased efficiency

• A unified reporting tool, creating the ability for the public to share specific health measures in an effort to expand the knowledge base for responders and provide accurate information in a timely and cohesive fashion

• Up-to-date data in an intuitive platform that ensures ideal decision-making and enables users to view information such as where responders are, which cases they’re exposed to, prioritisation of their tasks, and more

• An SOS emergency button for a direct connection to command centres for rapid response in times of critical need

• An opt-in application for uninfected individuals enables location sharing and mapping capabilities with proximity alerts when nearing high-risk areas

NowForce also leverages smart devices and networks for real-time interaction through video, voice, and text communication, extending mobility into the field and allowing users to access security data on the go to enhance response.

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