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NEOS Protect achieve dual certification for range of doorsets

NEOS Protect has added a range of doorsets which have achieved dual certification compliance for both security and fire to its Secured by Design (SBD) portfolio.

NEOS Protect specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of access controlled communal entrance doors and glazed screens for housing developments and commercial sectors.

The company has added six new approved models, three dual certified and three highly insulated and NEOS Protect now has fifteen models comprising of various configurations all of which have achieved SBD’s Police Preferred Specification (STS 202 BR2 Level of Burglar Resistance).

Further details on NEOS Protect and their range of SBD accredited products can be found at

The newly certificated range is part of NEOS’s standard of doors which are thermally insulated to meet the low U values which are proven to be essential for a greener future.

fire testDoors undergoing fire testing

NEOS Development Manager Derek Quinn said: “We are extremely proud to invest in continual innovation at Neos. We have always believed that it is vitally important to test and certificate our products to give the customer confidence that we are meeting the standards of the SBD Scheme.

“Having products which tick multiple boxes in terms of specification makes life easier in a commercial sense, but we also believe that proving our products by testing is morally the right thing to do. When you consider how effective these products are in protecting lives from fire and security threats, we can rest assured that we are providing the best products possible”.

SBD Technical Manager, Alfie Hosker, said: “Once again Neos Protect have developed their range of doorsets to include a variety of offerings which incorporate not only enhanced security characteristics, but fire performance amongst other attributes, on a single scope of certification with Certisecure (Warrington Fire). These are a fantastic asset to their SBD Police Preferred Specification range of products”.