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New member company Yoti is main sponsor at SBD National Training Event 2018

London-based technology company, Yoti, which is seeking to become the world’s trusted identity platform, has been announced as the main sponsor of this year’s National Training Event run by Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative.

The event provides a wide range of training and information for the national network of around 200 SBD trained Designing Out Crime Officers and staff in Police Forces around the country. It takes place in Northamptonshire, early in March.

Yoti is one of SBD’s newest member companies having had its digital identity app accredited by SBD earlier this year. In doing so, SBD has recognised the high standards of security that the Yoti app provides when an individual uses it to prove their identity, online and in person.

The company points out that having your ID on your phone will make everyday life easier and safer by enabling you to confirm the details of people you have met online, prove your identity to businesses without paper documents - saving time and money, and prove your age on nights out, at supermarket self-checkouts and online.

In addition, Yoti’s password manager safely stores and provides easy access to your logins for your favourite websites - giving people a safer way to protect their online accounts and personal information.

Yoti is a free app, available for Apple and Android phones, which takes less than five minutes to set up. Individuals take a selfie and scan their ID document with their smartphone, which is then transformed into a secure digital identity.

Advanced hybrid encryption secures user details and puts individuals in control of their data - they know exactly what details they share and who with.

John Abbott, Director of Business Growth and Partnerships at Yoti, will be addressing delegates during the opening session. In addition, the company will be joining around 40 other member companies with a stand in our extensive exhibition area.

Robin Tombs, CEO of Yoti, said: “I am thrilled and delighted that we will be able to tell police officers around the country how we are working to keep people safe from those intent on committing criminal activities. Research shows, for example, that nine out of every 10 login attempts are not made by owners of the account and 122 data records are stolen every second. By working in partnership with the police, we can ensure people have a greater awareness of what they need to do to keep themselves safe,” he said.

The National Training Event will be opened on the first day by Guy Ferguson, CEO of Secured by Design, and closed at the end of the second day by Met Police Assistant Commissioner, Sir Craig Mackey.