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PSM foil Business Park break in, resulting in arrest of offender

Professional Surveillance Management Ltd (PSM), the first remote monitoring CCTV company to have achieved SBD’s Police Preferred Specification, has used their unique 24/7 CCTV monitoring and perimeter detection software, to assist the police in arresting a suspect as he was in the act of committing a crime.

During the early hours of last weekend, an individual was seen climbing the fence of one of the business parks that the company monitors. As the intruder began looking through windows and trying door handles the PSM operators immediately notified the police and the keyholders, whilst simultaneously issuing audio warnings to deter further criminal activity. Although the intruder attempted to flee the scene, he was unable to escape before the police arrived and arrested him.

Arrest made

Kerry Jones, Professional Surveillance Management’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer said: “Our unique Business Park security software and rapid response has resulted in another proud moment for the PSM team, helping the police to take a criminal off the streets.

“Not only have our interventions saved our client a great deal of money in potential damages and ramifications from their tenants, we have also saved their tenants thousands of pounds worth of stock, loss of productivity and reputations.

“Our clients’ security is paramount, and we take every instance of intrusion seriously. This is felt by our clients.

James Walker from James Walker Properties, whose business we saved from an intruder commented: “It is so refreshing to work with a company that cares about the service it provides – such an attitude of mind set comes from the top. Well done all of you and thanks.”

Secured by Design Development Officer Hazel Goss said: “PSM have done it again, foiling a serious crime leading to an arrest which has assisted the Police and reassured Businesses in that area that crime can be stopped with the right security interventions in place. We are lucky to have Secured by Design Member Companies making a difference each and every day”.


PSM offer remote monitoring CCTV solutions and a diverse range of surveillance services, with their monitoring system ensuring that when an intruder breaches a restricted area of a premises (by triggering motion sensors), an immediate alarm containing CCTV images is transmitted to PSM’s NSI Gold fully accredited 24 hour Remote Video Receiving Centre.

Trained operators visually verify the cause of alarm and take necessary and immediate action – including issuing audio warnings - to deter potential criminals, tell them they are being monitored and warn them that the emergency services are on their way. The accomplished team of senior operators each have over 20 years’ experience.

PSM’s entire operations, including alarm receiving software, is created, developed and controlled in-house, allowing a bespoke and tailored monitoring service. Software can be adapted to suit individual client and installer needs, rather than them having to fit into the limitations of ‘off the shelf’ software.