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Secured by Design visits The Safety Letterbox Company

For over 35 years, The Safety Letterbox Company has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying mailboxes and parcelboxes from their UK factory in South Wales. On Tuesday 20th September, The Safety Letterbox Company hosted an all-day event for dedicated Designing Out Crime Officers and CTRAs.

The training day was designed to provide and educate DOCO’s and CTRAs about their secure mail and parcel box solutions, including the increasing safety features to minimise crime in any mail and parcel box location. Throughout the day there were many topics discussed such as regulations and certifications, European standards, digital transformation, e-commerce growth and future-proofing developments.

Safety Letterbox Company

The day included a tour of The Safety Letterbox Company’s Factory. Looking at how the products are made and the steps that The Safety Letterbox Company to making sure their mail and parcel boxes are secure and safe for the users.


“We were delighted to welcome Secured by Design to our showroom, offices, and factory, sharing our knowledge and practical product solutions for both mail and parcel delivery with their dedicated team of Designing Out Crime officers. This event was the embodiment of our company culture and ethos. It is imperative we demonstrate innovative designs and quality products that can help ensure the Built Environment is considered, safe, secure and provided with options, working together to Build A Safer Future.”

Safety Letterbox Company


On Tuesday 20th September 2022 we had an Awareness Day held at The Safety Letter Box Company in Neath to which I invited Doco’s & CRTA’s from local police forces to attend to learn about one of my Secured by Design member companies and the products they can provide.  The day started with classroom work covering all you need to know about mailboxes, standards, fire ratings and SBD products, during the talk products were passed around so they could physically see the products, hold them, and ask any questions about them very interactive with lots of questions for our hosts. Some new areas were covered “Parcel Boxes” hopefully that will gain SBD approval in due course, but it was fascinating how these operate, are designed, and interact with the users offering so much more security I know I was excited with the prospect of these products and so were my colleagues.  After lunch provided by our hosts which were yummy, we finished the day with a factory tour looking at how the products are made from the start to the finished product again providing us with so much more information and processes that these products go through.

I had an amazing day as did those that attended all going away with so much more information, knowledge and awareness that can be shared with others – an excellent day, thank you.

Safety Letterbox Company

Check out The Safety Letterbox Company website to see their Secured by Design products. If you would like to visit The Safety Letterbox Company at the Metalbox to see the products and discuss any upcoming projects or specific topics then please get in touch today.


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