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Solon Security's Card Defender gains SBD accreditation to protect your cards when you are on the move

Contactless payment cards can be at risk from being skimmed by criminals unless they are protected, says Secured by Design member company Solon Security.

A Solon Security Card Defender will prevent your contactless cards being skimmed by opportunist criminals, either debiting the maximum £30 straight from the card or saving the details for unlimited use online later. It does this by blocking all RF wireless signals.

The Card Defender has now achieved the coveted SBD Police Preferred Specification for the way its durable aluminium foil compound design completely blocks the RFID signal of any enclosed contactless card. With the signal safely blocked, the user’s card cannot be wirelessly attacked or scanned by thieves.

“The Card Defender has been a huge success for us since we innovated and launched it back in 2015,” says Mark Fleming, Solon Security’s General Manager, “we recognised a crime prevention gap in the market after working in partnership with a long-time customer at Police Scotland and decided to fill it with a high-quality, easy-use solution that could also be branded to aid with engagement. The rest is history!

“Officially adding this to our SBD range is extremely pleasing and testament to the premium quality of the product, we hope it will assist us in getting to 1 million units sold by this time next year!”

Secured by Design Development Officer Hazel Goss said “The Solon Security Card Defender is for use with contactless credit cards, or other card types that use a contactless system, protecting them from being read or scanned by criminals. This is a great addition to the many security products they already have accredited with SBD.

“Solon Security joined SBD in 2000 and since then have been working with us to have various products tested to Police Preferred Specification and this latest product will assist in reducing crime and prevent members of the public from becoming victims of crime”.

Launched in 2015, the Card Defender has become the fastest selling product in Solon Security’s 23-year history, with almost half a million sold to date.

Solon Security: For more information on the Card Defender, contact Solon Security via:
Telephone: 01352 762266

Secured by Design: Secured by Design, the national police crime prevention initiative, aim to achieve sustainable reductions in crime through design and other approaches to enable people to live in a safer society.

We have more than 200 SBD trained police officers and staff in Police Forces around the UK. These Designing Out Crime Officers work with architects, developers and local authority planners to build in tried, tested and proven crime prevention techniques at the planning stage to reduce crime and keep communities safe.

SBD seeks to reduce crime by combining minimum standards of physical security like doors, windows and locks that achieve SBD’s Police Preferred Specification standard and proven design principles of the built environment such as natural surveillance and defensible space.

Whilst police are unable to recommend specific products, SBD can act as an effective gatekeeper and signposting service to our 650 member companies and their products, which meet our rigorous Police Preferred Specification standards.

Members’ products range from secure and robust doors, windows and locks through to cutting-edge IT products, CCTV components, and shutters and barriers. SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police accreditation for security products in the UK.