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“We are very much looking forward to working alongside the SBD team as well as the DOCO’s and CPO’s that work so hard to keep us all safe”

DefendaStrip Ltd is one of the latest companies to join Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative which works alongside Police Forces throughout the UK to reduce crime and design out crime.

DefendaStrip® is a versatile, visual and physical deterrent to intruders and trespassers whilst also being a flexible and cost-effective deterrent which minimises the risk of injury. The intelligent design of this anti-climb product features polypropylene cones specially formed to present an unstable walking or climbing surface to an intruder.

DefendaStrip Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of this brilliantly versatile visual and physical deterrent to intruders are part of Vector Planning & Design Ltd, who collectively have over 40 years' experience working in both the private and public utilities sector and experience in advising clients on effective anti-climb measures.

Seeing a gap on the market for a versatile intruder deterrent, the team designed, developed and manufactured DefendaStrip®, a cost effective, quick-to-install, plastic anti-climb product which can be used across many areas and surfaces in a wide range of environments.

Manufactured in the UK, the versatility of DefendaStrip® is demonstrated by the wide range of sectors currently using the product. As well as the obvious uses on walls and roofs, it has been adopted by large UK and Scottish gas networks, security and utilities companies, a large London development corporation, various UK and Scottish based contractors and facilities managers, and a major international hotel chain.

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SBD Development Officer Lyn Poole said: “SBD Development Officer Lyn Poole said: “I met Peter and Richard at IFSEC exhibition at the London Excel last year and was very impressed with their product and at how versatile it is. They are a hard-working, start-up company and I am so pleased they have decided to join Secured by Design as members. Their Defendastrip® is the only product like it to have the police preferred specification accreditation."

Sally Sprange, Director of Operations at DefendaStrip Ltd, said: “We are delighted to become part of Secured by Design and are very much looking forward to working alongside the SBD team as well as the DOCO’s and CPO’s that work so hard to keep us all safe”.

SBD is a police-owned organisation that works on behalf of the Police Service throughout the UK to deliver a wide range of crime prevention and demand reduction initiatives.

SBD plays a significant crime prevention role in the planning process to design out crime in a wide range of building sectors. It has achieved some significant success including one million homes built to SBD standards with reductions in crime of up to 87%.

SBD have many partner organisations, ranging from the Home Office, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and the Police Service through to local authorities, housing associations, developers and manufacturers and work closely with standards and certification bodies to ensure that their publicly available standards actually meet the needs of the police and public alike.

Products must be subjected to vigorous testing and auditing by an accredited third party organisation before being allowed to carry the SBD logo – this is the only way for companies to obtain police accreditation for security related products in the UK.

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