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Security Advice for Lorries & Goods Vehicles

Every year thousands of trucks and vans, along with their valuable loads are stolen in the UK, costing the owners and their insurers, hundreds of millions in insurance and lost business.

These losses will negatively impact local and international trade and potentially put some hauliers out of business. If your vehicle is carrying a load it is a target for crime.

Drivers and owners should be aware of some simple measures to make you less likely to become a victim of this type of crime.

Top Tips for Lorries & Goods Vehicles Security

1 Lock it, remove it, alarm it: Then leaving your vehicle unattended, first remove valuable items and cash from view, lock it and take the keys with you or leave it in a secure drawer or office at work.

2Doors open: Parking up with an empty trailer, consider leaving the doors open so that this will deter potential opportunist criminals because they can clearly see nothing is stored within the trailer.

3Alarm: Always set the vehicle alarm and keep fuel tanks locked.

4CCTV: If parked in the workplace compound consider the introduction of monitored CCTV to protect your vehicle assets.

5Journey plan : Plan your journeys, have an itinerary, no hitchhikers – have a route planned, including layovers, so someone else knows where you are due to be.

6Stay Visible: Where possible use safe lorry parks, such as those that have been awarded the Park Mark Freight accreditation, or park where visible to passing traffic. Avoid insecure locations like remote laybys and quiet industrial estates.

7Avoid strangers : Do not pick up strangers as you have no idea what their intentions are.

8Lock your vehicle and check it : Even when on the move, making deliveries or refuelling, keep your vehicle locked and the keys with you. Before you start off again, visually inspect your vehicle, has anything changed, if so why?

9Use locks : Consider using a steering wheel lock or a lock that fits over the gear lever. Alternatively, a security box can be fitted over the pedals to prevent thefts when the vehicle is parked up.

10Consider CCTV Security : CCTV can also be a deterrent and help protect your vehicle and its contents. If you do decide to use CCTV it is important to read the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) advice on Domestic CCTV systems. Click the button below to find out more:

Police Preferred Specification Products for Vehicle Security