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Greenwood’s Omnique, the first & only fan to achieve SBD accreditation

Greenwood’s revolutionary Omnique OF100GIP Multifunctional Window Fan remains the only fan to achieve Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation, five years after becoming the first fan to achieve the accreditation.

Extractor fans in bathroom and kitchen windows have been targeted by burglars as a means to gain access to properties, so a secure fan is crucial. The Omnique was designed using Greenwood’s experience from years of working with local authorities, social landlords and those involved in the design of secure housing.

The Omnique’s dual-layered vandal-proof construction helps to deter potential burglars, with two durable polycarbonate fixing plates sandwiched on either side of a glass window. In the event that the cowl is removed, the fixing plates will remain intact with no edges for a burglar to lever the external fixing plate from the glass or fan inside, and no opportunity to pass anything through the fan into the property.

The Omnique is also designed with privacy in mind as the grills are located on its side, ensuring that no-one can see directly through the fan into the property on low level or open balcony property installations.

Greenwoods Omnique Window Kit WEB

The Omnique Window Fan is one of the most efficient on the market, is suitable for a wide range of housing types and boasts a number of options for landlords – its multifunction design means that the same fan can be used across all housing stock types and installation applications.

These include adjustable airflow settings (continuous and intermittent), the most energy-efficient, low energy EC motor technology to ensure low running costs, and SMART humidity and timing controls which eliminate draughts, reduce energy wastage and eliminate heat loss by ensuring that motor running and ventilation is delivered only when it is needed.

Greenwood was founded in 1879 and today is a market leader in the design, manufacture and specification of SMART ventilation systems for the new build and refurbishment residential markets. Owned by the Zehnder Group – a designer and leader in energy efficient indoor climate solutions - since 2008, the company operates from a head office in Camberley.

You can find out more about Greenwood and their SBD accredited product here:

SBD Development Officer Lyn Poole said: “The Greenwood Omnique OF100GIP Multifunctional Fan, unique in the fact that it has been tested to British Window Standard, has been an SBD Police Preferred Accredited product for the last five years and is still the only product of its kind accredited by us.

“It’s great to have products like this on the market so people have the choice to have a secure product within their window”.

Rupert Kazlauciunas of Zehnder Greenwood said, “We are delighted with our long standing association with Secured by Design. The Omnique fan continues to prove extremely popular, serving as both a practical extract fan to deliver ventilation when required cost effectively, whilst also providing a deterrent to intruders looking to gain access to a property. We are proud to still be the only manufacturer delivering an extract fan to the exacting requirement of Secured by Design specification.”