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Greenwood’s Omnique Window Kit becomes First Fan to achieve Secured by Design Accreditation

Greenwood’s revolutionary Omnique Window Fan has just become the first ever kitchen and bathroom extractor fan to achieve accreditation by Secured by Design, the official UK police flagship initiative which aims to ‘design out crime’ by encouraging innovative physical security products.

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With window security and break-ins a growing concern among social landlords and tenants, the Omnique Window Fan is the most secure and high performance multifunction fan for kitchen and bathroom windows on the market and has been developed in conjunction with local authorities, social landlords and personnel responsible for secure house designs to deter potential break-ins.

"Extractor fans in bathroom and kitchen windows have been targeted by intruders as a means to gain access to a property, so where window installations are required, a secure installation is crucial. Greenwood's Omnique Window fan is the first fan to achieve Secured by Design accreditation since the initiative begun 26 years ago. The Omnique Window Fan was given this accreditation because it passed independent testing as a critical component within PAS24:2012 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. We are very pleased to have a window fan of this security level available now and are very excited to welcome Greenwood to Secured by Design," said Doug Skins, Development Officer at Secured by Design.

"Obtaining Secured by Design certification is a significant achievement, and demonstrates Greenwood's commitment to designing products which offer maximum safety, sustainability and high performance. As well as being the most secure extractor fan on the market, the Omnique Window Fan also ensures ventilation performance is achieved through its innovative external grille design – after all, a fan needs to do a job and eliminate mould and condensation in homes.  Throughout the design process of the fan we drew on our experience of working with London-based social landlords as well as those responsible for designing secure housing and social landlords.  We identified a real need to develop a secure extractor fan which also offers privacy and the correct ventilation performance," said Michelle Sharp, Group Communications Manager at Greenwood.

Security & Privacy

The Omnique Window Fan's clever dual-layered vandal-proof construction helps to deter intruders, with two durable polycarbonate fixing plates sandwiched on either side of a glass window.  In the event that the cowl is removed by an intruder, the fixing plates will remain intact with no edges for the intruder to lever the external fixing plate from the glass or fan inside and no opportunity to pass anything through the fan into the dwelling.

The Omnique Window Fan was also designed with privacy in mind as the grills are located on its side, ensuring that potential intruders cannot see through it when installed in windows.

Performance & Efficiency

The Omnique Window Fan is one of the most efficient on the market, is suitable for a wide range of housing types and boasts a number of options for landlords – so many in fact that its multifunction design means that the same fan can be used across all housing stock types and installation applications.

These include adjustable airflow settings (continuous and intermittent), the most energy-efficient, low energy EC motor technology to ensure low running costs, and SMART humidity and timing controls which eliminate draughts, reduce energy wastage and eliminate heat loss by ensuring that motor running and ventilation is delivered only when it is needed. Its shutters also reduce back-draughts and heat loss when the fan is switched off.

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Greenwood’s Omnique Window Fan Kit

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After testing