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Key Safe pledges its commitment to the environment

Secured by Design member company The Key Safe Company, a leading provider of domestic and business key management solutions, has pledged its commitment to continuously reduce its carbon emissions by achieving carbon neutrality.

Taking responsibility for the company’s impact on the environment, Key Safe has partnered with sustainable development expert ClimateCare to offset the company’s carbon footprint through providing carbon financing to projects that develop greener infrastructures and improve lives.

Carbon neutrality is achieved by calculating the company’s carbon footprint and reducing it to zero through a combination of in-house efficiency measures, renewable energy and financing external emissions reduction projects.

As well as implementing a continuous carbon reduction strategy that includes switching to greener energy sources and vehicles amongst other measures, The Key Safe Company has opted to offset its emissions by providing carbon financing to the Global Renewable Energy Portfolio and Acre Amazon Rainforest REDD projects in Brazil.

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Global Renewable Energy projects help to reduce greenhouse emissions by building sustainable infrastructure and speeding up the adoption of renewable energy around the world. This work is vital to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the growing global demand for energy, which is one of the largest contributors towards greenhouse gases. Carbon finance by companies such as The Key Safe Company provides essential funds to support the development of global renewable projects.

Acre Amazon Rainforest REDD, Key Safe’s second chosen project, prevents the deforestation of Amazonian rainforests by providing agricultural training and promoting sustainable economic livelihoods.

Current rates of deforestation mean that Amazon forest footprint could reduce from 90% to just 65% by 2030. Tropical rainforests are home to 70% of the Earth’s species of plants and animals.

As well as cutting carbon emissions and helping to preserve one of the most diverse habitats on the planet, Acre Amazon Rainforest REDD projects work with local communities to help eliminate hunger and reduce poverty through providing training and strengthening local business skills.

Marcus Taylor, Deputy CEO at The Key Safe Company, commented: “As a responsible business, the team at Key Safe understand that the impact of our business on the environment matters. We wanted to take action today, not tomorrow. Our customers and staff expect nothing less. Our plan has already delivered Carbon Neutral status for Key Safe and we’ll now go further over the next few years to achieve our goal of Net Zero.”

A spokesperson for ClimateCare explained: "We work with forward-thinking organisations to turn their climate responsibilities into positive outcomes. Our trademark Climate+Care approach helps organisations take a smart approach to addressing their environmental impacts by offsetting their carbon emissions through projects which also support sustainable development”.

You can find out more about The Key Safe Company and their range of SBD accredited products here: