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SBD Licensed Consultants

We officially authorise individuals through a voluntary licensing scheme that seeks to recognise those who offer SBD guidance by claiming specific knowledge, experience or skills and by associating themselves with Secured by Design.

By introducing the SBD licence scheme, we want to create a legitimate community of security professionals throughout the UK and centralise a secure way for customers to search and ensure they only employ the skills of a true SBD licensed consultant. Why become a Licensed SBD consultant?

This Secured by Design scheme will showcase your skills to potential customers as a crime prevention expert. As with our member companies, our logo shows that SBD consultants come with a reputation for their skills and expertise. You can, in an official capacity, provide SBD advice on new developments and refurbishments.

In addition our licensee agreement states a licensed SBD consultant will receive the following benefits:

  • The right to use agreed phrases about competence and an approved logo.
  • Entry on the SBD website as a licensed individual.
  • SBD e-newsletter subscription.
  • Updates about changes in the SBD specification, test standards and guidance.
  • The opportunity to attend SBD events nationwide, including the National Training Event.
  • An SBD Licensed Consultant ID card.

How Can I Become An SBD Licensed Consultant?

If you would like to become a licensed SBD consultant, you need to complete an application form. You will then be assessed for the necessary level of qualification and/or experience. If you satisfy the interim criteria for licensing, you will be individually licensed to use an approved Secured by Design logo and will be able to operate with the official authorisation.

Full details of requirements can be found in the Licensed Consultant Guidance Document. A consultant carrying the official SBD license brand is expected to act in accordance with our terms and conditions.

The application form and guidance documents can be obtained by contacting: Ken Meanwell at